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The Ubisoft Account management platform

Data management website

Round effect

A project in collaboration with UX Designers, a UI Designer, Product Owners and Developers, which involved a rigorous design process.

From the wireframes provided by the UX Designers, I participated in making the high fidelity mockups and delivering them to the developers.

The platform allows players to modify their information, manage social media authorizations, manage their loyalty points, access Betas, and secure their account.

The entire user flows represent more than 300 interface screens peer-designed by a UI Designer and myself.

Account security
Account 2fa
Account club
Account parental
Account authorization
Account phone device security
Account phone device club
Account phone device username

One of my missions was to propose animations to give life to the home page. After having my animations validated using a storyboard, I created them using After Effects and sent them to the developers via BodyMovin.

Right to left

Ubisoft Account Management is a platform that is accessible to players from all over the world and is translated into 29 languages. Some languages, such as Arabic, are read from right to left. Specific rules apply to the interfaces and we had to adapt.

I was in charge of documenting the subject and then proposing a "right to left" version of the site that respects the needs of these users.

Account right to left

In order to communicate well with the developers and provide them with help during their development, we created development guidelines.

I also took care of testing their integration, to guide the developers during their work.

Account buttons
Account tables
Account navbar

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